Organization and Duties of the Board of Audit and Inspection

Organization and Duties of the Board of Audit and Inspection

Military trials under emergency martial law may be conducted by single trial only in the case of crimes by military personnel or military personnel, crimes of military espionage, and crimes related to sentries, guard posts, poisonous food supply, and prisoners of war, as stipulated by law. However, this is not the case when the death penalty is imposed. The term of office for the Justices of the Supreme Court is six years, and they may be reappointed as prescribed by law. The organization of the Supreme Court and courts of all levels shall be determined by law. When there is only one candidate for the President, he cannot be elected as the President unless the number of votes obtained is not less than one-third of the total number of electors. When the term of office of the President expires, a successor shall be elected between 70 and 40 days before the expiration of the term. If a member of the National Assembly is arrested or detained before a session, 비아그라 전문 사이트he shall be released during the session if requested by the National Assembly, unless he is a criminal in the act.

Agriculture and Fisheries

The Republic of Korea aims for unification, and establishes and promotes a peaceful unification policy based on the basic order of freedom and democracy. Members of the State Council are appointed by the President on the recommendation of the Prime Minister. Members of the National Assembly and the government may submit bills. When arrest, detention, confiscation or search is carried out, a warrant issued by a judge shall be presented upon request of a public prosecutor in accordance with due process. However, a warrant may be requested posthumously in the case of a criminal in the act or when a crime punishable by a sentence of three years or more is committed and there is a fear of escape or destruction of evidence. The National Election Commission consists of three members appointed by the President, three members elected by the National Assembly, and three members appointed by the Chief Justice. The chairperson is시알리스 elected from among the members.

Members of Parliament in Parliament

The territory of the Republic of Korea shall be the Korean Peninsula and its annexed islands. All citizens have the right to be judged according to the law by the judges prescribed by the Constitution and the law. The State shall endeavor to protect motherhood. When martial law is declared, special measures may be taken with respect to the warrant system, freedom of speech, press, assembly, and association, and the authority of the government or courts, as prescribed by law. The administrative agency in receipt of the instructions under paragraph (1) shall comply therewith. The National Security Council is established to provide advice from the President prior to deliberation by the State Council on the establishment of foreign, military, and domestic policies related to national security. Women's work is subject to special protection, and 비아그라they are not unfairly discriminated against in terms of employment, wages and working conditions.


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